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I4 Mining

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Australian Mining Magazine - Element 25 finds its digital sweet spot | Article

Discover more about the work that Element 25 and I4 Mining are doing together as featured in Australian Mining Magazine May-22.


I4 Mining Partner
| Brochure

Discover I4 Mining's best-in-class partners around the world and find out more about how you can become a partner and provide your customers with more.


North American Mining Magazine- AI: Sci-Fi Becomes Reality | Article

See the what Phillip McBride fromI4 Mining had to say about the future of AI in Mining in North American Mining Magazine Apr-22.


Mining Safety: The industry must recognise it has a fatality cycle | Blog

The mining sector needs to change its mindset and act if it's going to make any difference to current fatality rates.


Real-time data analysis failings are hurting miners' brand | Blog

A lack of real-time data analysis capabilities in the mining sector is failing workforces, communities, and the environment - here's how to fix it.


Data consolidation gives miners the foundation needed to succeed | Blog

Data consolidation and the ability to analyze it in real-time provides miners with the perfect cocktail for success both strategically and operationally.


The challenge (and benefits) of an enhanced ESG focus in mining | Blog

SDG and ESG goals have now taken center stage within the mining sector and it's just as well - the evidence suggests it could improve miners' performance.


Mining ESG Industry 4.0 AI + IoT use cases: Part 3 - Holistic operational analysis | Blog

In this final blog in the series, we look at the strategy and analytical advantages of using an Industry 4.0 AI + IoT platform that's capable of both adaptive and predictive analysis of your complete operations - all in real-time.


Industry 4.0 (and zero goal) attainment: the technology blueprint | Blog

Industry 4.0 status is not achieved through a single solution or an integrated AI + IoT platform - but it definitely needs the latter.

I4 Mining - Plant eBook - 400

How Industry 4.0 Technology will Transform Plant, Machinery & Equipment | Report

A report examining the need for, use cases and benefits of utilizing Industry 4.0 AI + IoT technology with plant in the mining sector.


Mining ESG Industry 4.0 AI + IoT use cases: Part 2 - Real-time personnel, environment & plant monitoring | Blog

In this, the second blog in the series, we look at the ways that Industry 4.0 AI + IoT technology can provide miners with enhanced real-time insights that enable better decisions to be taken, faster - plus much more.

Mining + Industry 4.0 400

Mining + Industry 4.0: AI + IoT’s role in reaching a profitable net-zero future | Report

Discover why, how and where the mining sector should get started with Industry 4.0 technology - and just what it is.


Why electrification won't be enough to achieve 'zero' goals | Blog

Electrification has an important role to play in achieving zero goals, but it needs quite a bit more...


Is your business ready
for Industry 4.0

Is your business ready for Industry 4.0 AI + IoT technology? Take the free test now and get your personalized report in just 5 minutes.


Where to start with Industry 4.0 technology to achieve mining ESG goals | Blog

Where to start and how to implement Industry 4.0 AI + IoT technology to achieve the mining sector's SDG and ESG goals.


Plant + Industry 4.0: the applications: Part 2 | Blog

There are a huge array of technologies and solutions that can be applied to plant that can assist the mining sector in achieving their strategic goals.


Mining ESG Industry 4.0 AI + IoT use cases: Part1 - Enhancing operational performance | Blog

This is the first in a series of three blogs examining the different applications of Industry 4.0 technology in solving the mining sector's SDG and ESG goals.


Plant + Mining's path to 2050 | Blog

With vast fleets containing multiple asset classes, spread over large areas and across multiple, remote sites; the mining sector has a big challenge ahead.


Plant + Industry 4.0: the applications: Part 1 | Blog

There are a huge array of technologies and solutions that can be applied to plant that can assist the mining sector in achieving their strategic goals.


Health & Safety Industry 4.0 applications in mining: Part 2 | Blog

In this blog, we’re focusing on the operational areas where the application of an AI + IoT platform can have significant impacts.

I4 Mining - Health & Safety Screenshot 400

How the Mining Sector can Achieve Zero Harm with Industry 4.0 Technology | Report

Discover how insights, interoperability, instruction and intelligence will enable miners to achieve their zero harm safety goals.


Health & Safety Industry 4.0 applications in mining: Part 1 | Blog

It’s not possible for a human to list every possible scenario and potential harm that may arise whilst mining - Industry 4.0 AI + IoT technology can.


The Mining sector's Industry 4.0 opportunity | Blog

Industry 4.0 technology presents the mining sector with huge opportunities; enabling miners to gradually transform, ready for the 'zero' future.


I4 Mining
| Brochure

Discover more about I4 Mining, our  next generation digital mining solutions, and the world-leading AI + IoT technology that they're built upon.


Why now for Industry 4.0 technology in the Mining sector | Blog

With such a host of drivers for change and a wealth of riches available if they do so, now really is the time for miners to embrace their new future.


How the Mining sector can adopt Industry 4.0 technology successfully | Blog

For Industry 4.0 technology to be of benefit to any business, it must be able to demonstrate tangible, bottom-line benefits for your organization.


The relationship between Industry 4.0 technology and zero harm | Blog

Industry 4.0 technologies present the mining sector - arguably for the very first time - with the opportunity to actually reach zero harm.


Considerations when adopting Industry 4.0 technology in the mining sector | Blog

Everyone talks about the benefits of Industry 4.0 technology, but there are considerations to be aware of, too.


Industry 4.0 applications in the Mining sector | Blog

With many opportunities for transformation - operationally & strategically, IT & OT - these are some of the Industry 4.0 applications in the mining sector.


Why Industry 4.0 needs AI + IoT | Blog

IoT and AI technology are often talked about on their own or without context to the other - but both are needed to achieve Industry 4.0 status.


The Mining sector's window for transformation | Blog

The mining sector has never been in a better position to deliver real, transformative change than now - read on to find out why now is the time to act.


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If you'd like to find out more about the technology that underpins all of our digital mining solutions, other industrial uses of AI + IoT, or are eager to get into the detail of precisely what AI and IoT technology are then visit the Rayven blog.

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