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Solving the ESG Conundrum: Industry 4.0 Technologies’ Role in Enabling Miners to Achieve their Strategic Zero Harm, Zero Waste & Zero Carbon Objectives.


How Industry 4.0 technology can enable the mining sector to achieve its strategic environmental & community sustainable development goals.


The lifecycle of a mine is a multi-faceted, complicated thing and at all stages, the environment and the community that exists around sites are affected and impacted in multiple, evolving ways.

In recent surveys of senior mining executives, ESG goals have come top of their priority lists for the year ahead. Outside of medium-to-long-term zero carbon arrangements (such as the Paris Agreement and state/national targets), the societal and political zeitgeist has evolved to a point where miners need to do more on these issues and the consequences of failing to do so have grown significantly at both a corporate and individual executive level: the sustainability of the sector and success of the people that work within it are now even more directly tied to the environment and the community that surrounds their operations.

In this report we examine the role ESG now plays in the mining sector, explore how Industry 4.0 technology will enable miners to achieve their strategic and operational ESG and sustainable development goals, and the quantitative benefits of getting it right.

Introduction: ESG takes center stage.
The challenge (and benefits) of an enhanced ESG focus.

Industry 4.0 and its role in ESG: it’s not about a single solution.
Why Industry 4.0 is about AI + IoT.

ESG Industry 4.0 AI + IoT platform use cases.
Enhanced operational performance.
Real-time employee, environment & plant monitoring.
Holistic operational analysis.
Added advantage.

Where to start and how to implement.

Just some of what's inside...

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