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Mine-to-market Industry 4.0 insights: get the complete, real-time view from end-to-end.

Access free resources and discover how Industry 4.0 technology can give you complete oversight of operations from mine-to-market.


Industry 4.0 technology enables miners to get the real-time performance metrics they need + all-new abilities to improve them.

Even before the pandemic and COP26 the mining sector was undergoing a paradigm shift.

Sustainability targets, financiers evolving risk appetites, and the growing demand for different products to support energy transition signpost a very clear destination for the industry come 2050.

Achieving this change would have been challenge enough, but it comes against the backdrop of reducing mine productivity rates and growing, mandated ESG and SDG targets.

The question today is: how can the mining sector accurately track its sustainability performance, achieve its own ESG and SDG objectives, and support the world’s energy transition, all whilst protecting its own productivity and profitability?

Much of what’s driving sustainability-related operational change within the mining sector comes from the strategic requirement to report and progress with emissions reduction and climate change preparedness. However, it is no longer sufficient to deliver an annual sustainability report that gives lag measures of performance based on best guesses, averages, and box-ticking; ESG and SDG reporting requires a top-down strategy with trackable metrics and regular performance check-ins, forecasts and longer-term view that demonstrate how goals can and will be achieved - like every other area of the business - so that opportunities can be seized and risks mitigated.

In short: miners must take sustainability seriously.

I4 Mining is a sustainability technology provider to the mining sector, offering ready-to-deploy ESG solutions that help miners to succeed both strategically and operationally without ever getting in the way of good business.

Our solutions enable you to easily develop strategies, deliver accurate sustainability metrics and reports in real-time, improve sustainability and business performance, as well as make predictive analytics and forecasts part of your everyday so that you can reduce risks and optimise from mine-to-market.

Speak to us today to book a demo and discover how you can get started on your digital sustainability journey.

Our ESG solutions enable you to effortlessly track these key performance + any other sustainability metric in real-time:

  • All-in costs-per-unit (AIC)
  • All injury frequency rate (AIFR)
  • All-in sustaining cost-per-unit (AISC)
  • Average payload
  • Average realised price
  • Average cost per hour
  • Benchmark average price
  • By-product credit
  • Capital expenditure
  • Cash cost
  • Cash operating costs per barrel of oil equivalent (BOE)
  • Cash operating costs per unit produced
  • Cash-to-cash time (C2C)
  • Change time between cycles
  • Churn
  • Closure status
  • CO2/NOx/PM10/
    PM2.5/Fluoride emissions
  • Compliance status
  • Consolidated sales revenues
  • Cost of goods sold
  • COVID status
  • Delivery in Full (DIF)
  • Delivery in Full on Time (DIFOT)
  • Due diligence status
  • Efficiency score
  • Employee hiring rate
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Energy usage / mix
  • Environmental score
  • Environmental incident rate
  • Exploration costs
  • Fatality frequency rate
  • Finding & development costs
  • Fines and debts
  • Freight Bill Accuracy
  • Grade percentage
  • Gross product sales
  • Inventory status / levels
  • Inventory turnover / velocity
  • Inventory to sales ratio
  • JORC balance
  • KPI status
  • Land footprint - disturbed
  • Land footprint - regenerated
  • Lifespan estimate
  • Lifting costs
  • Logistics costs
  • Net cash generated
  • Net debt
  • Occupational illness cases (new / existing)
  • Overall Equipment
  • Effectiveness (OEE)
  • OHS status
  • Operational efficiency
  • Payables to government status
  • Perfect Order Index
  • Production cost per-tonne
  • Production volume
  • Profit / loss
  • Profitability
  • Safety score
  • Sales revenue
  • Sales volume
  • Scope 1 emissions (tCo2e)
  • Scope 2 emissions (tCo2e)
  • Scope 3 emissions (tCo2e)
  • SDG status
  • Supply chain costs
  • Sustainable Mining Indices
  • TCFD status
  • TOE Footprint
  • Total Effective Equipment Performance
  • Total lifecycle energy
  • Unit variable costs
  • Utilization
  • Volume sold
  • Warehousing costs
  • Women in workforce
  • Work order completion

Improve all your sustainability and ESG metrics + achieve sustainable zero harm, zero waste & zero carbon:

Get a single source of truth + predictive analytics for complete, accurate real-time ESG monitoring from mine-to-market.

Deliver on zero harm to workforce and environment, zero carbon + zero waste strategic objectives.

Conduct enhanced, real-time risk assessments at all lifecycle + lifetime stages using complete, accurate data.

Use Industry 4.0 machine learning, AI and IoT functionality to improve uptime + production.

Model process & equipment optimisations using advanced predictive analytics + then apply across sites.

Utilise complete Industry 4.0 solutions with automated, AI-led decision-making - transform your business.

Tell us the metrics you need and we'll tell you to get them, anywhere + anytime.

Explore our interactive diagram to see how we can help you with sustainability from mine-to-market using our Build Your Own solution:

Free Insights: discover how Industry 4.0 technology can give you total real-time visibility from mine-to-market, plus the ability to easily improve your metrics, fast.

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