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I4 Mining

Creating complete, transformative Industry 4.0 digital mining solutions requires many things. Work with us and we'll make the hard bit easy.

Open new revenue streams, solve Hybrid architecture challenges, and add Industry 4.0 technology + data science expertise to your offerings.

It takes a wide range of expertise and technologies to create a single, transformative digital mining solution that delivers strategic success.

To help, we partner with businesses, making our world leading Dynamix data, AI + IoT platform and pre-built digital mining solutions available to them to develop so that they can solve their customers’ own business and Industry 4.0 transformation challenges.

We can help you to develop new products, open novel revenue streams, and move up your customers’ value chain - all without having to ever worry about building or maintaining the platform or services that deliver it.


Use the full I4 Mining offering to create your own products:


The foundation of your digital mine. Our core data, AI + IoT solution delivery platform unites your data to create a real-time single source of truth and adds easy-to-use Industry 4.0 functionality to deliver predictive insights from mine-to-market.

Build your own digital mining solutions from scratch.

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Digital Mining Solutions

Our suite of ready-to-deploy solutions are preconfigured to solve specific challenges, including safety, ESG and production optimization. All are built on our fully-featured Dynamix data, AI + IoT platform.

Achieve strategic goals or use as a springboard for complete digital transformation.

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A range of services to help accelerate your customers’ Time to Value. Our data scientists, solution engineers, technicians, and consultants can work with you or your customers directly to design, deploy, manage, optimize and scale.

Assist with end-to-end solution delivery, including Data Science, Machine Learning, and scaling.

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Discover what we do + why you should partner with us.
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Our powerful data, AI + IoT platform, coupled with Data Science skills and in-depth sector expertise, enables you and your customers to succeed with Industry 4.0 technology, fast and affordably.

How we + you fit.

I4 Mining Dynamix and the solutions you build on it fits within a suite of technologies to create a complete, transformative technology stack.

We bring the Industry 4.0 technology, expertise and support for the platform solution.

You bring the business expertise for accelerated configuration and systemization of the platform solution.

I4 ISA95-1600

Dynamix can be deployed anywhere + will fit yours or your customers' infrastructure, seamlessly.

Create anything your customer needs + solve business-critical problems, effortlessly.

Effortlessly report on SDGs, tonnage, TCFDs, asset utilization, safety metrics or anything else - all at a moment's notice in a single pane.

Uncover improvements using digital twins and modelling, and then execute them via human + AI to achieve business-critical goals, including zero carbon, zero harm and zero waste.

Enhance asset performance and maintenance regimes across fleets and operations; implement predictive maintenance, maximize utilization + uptime.

Track real-time performance, uncover insights + improve productivity and tonnage from mine-to-market.

Reduce operational costs, find efficiencies and get metrics on all inputs and outputs across the mining lifecycle.

Compare asset, site, operation or business-wide metrics to reduce risk, track compliance, and set new standards.

Use cases include:

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Thinking of building your own platform? This is why you shouldn't.


1) It will cost you significantly more in both time + money.
Dynamix is all-in-one and ready-to-go. Building your own end-to-end platform will take multiple licenses and 6+ months to get to concept stage, plus incur ongoing support, dev and maintenance costs - it’ll cost you more in a year than a decade of Dynamix.

2) You’ll solve the tech challenge, not the Data Science one.
Clean, reliable, real-time data is critical to delivering results. This is why creating a real-time single source of truth with extreme interoperability and an expert understanding of Machine Learning is just as critical as building data lakes and historians.

3) You don’t have the internal skills required.
It takes a team of experts in IT Infrastructure, Data Science, IoT, UX, Security, Machine Learning and AI working together to create an end-to-end solution, this is incredibly expensive to do in-house and even more so if done externally.

4) You’ll add complexity + future points of failure.
AWS, Azure and alike are modular systems. To create a complete real-time IoT + AI solution requires you to link them together, but even then, each will continue to operate independently and process data separately - Dynamix is all-in-one.

5) What you build won’t be future-proofed.
The Dynamix platform is future-proofed SaaS. From new security threats, third party updates and new pieces of technology that are yet to be adopted, the Dynamix platform is guaranteed to be maintained, updated and interoperable with them.

6) The results won’t be anywhere near as good.
You wouldn’t build an internal CRM or ERP platform - you'd buy Salesforce, SAP or similar. The reasons for this are obvious: years of expert development have gone into it and whatever you build won’t be as good or have longevity - this is no different.

I4 Mining partners with world-leading businesses to design, develop & deploy solutions for our customers.

I4 Mining partners with world-leading businesses to design, develop and deploy Industry 4.0-ready Mining solution. Together we can solve customers’ complex mining and business problems - join us.

  • Mining Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Engineers
  • Telcos + Comms Providers
  • Industrial Automation
  • Plant + Machinery OEMs
  • Maintenance Services
  • Instrumentation, Sensor + Gateway Providers
  • Industry Consultants
  • Computer hardware providers
  • Environmental Services
  • IoT Solution Providers + Integrators

Flexible, tailorable commercial models.

The flexibility of our model and pricing means that we can work together to find the right commercial model.


On-sell a joint-created solution/product on your own.


Rayven and partner send across leads that we/they’ve generated for a joint-created solution / product.


Co-sell a joint-solution/product together with Rayven.


Build a solution/product using Rayven’s IoT platform and fully white-label it under an agreed commercial arrangement.

I4 Mining technology & services you can sell:

  • New co-created products
  • Shared cloud
  • Existing ready-to-go products
  • Managed Private Cloud
  • Rayven’s tool kit
  • Self-managed Private Cloud
  • AI data models and machine learning algorithms
  • Solution design and implementation services.

Why partner with I4 Mining?


There are many reasons to partner with I4 Mining, but top of them all is the capabilities of our base, world-leading AI + IoT platform and the pre-engineered, mining-specific configurations which you can leverage, iterate and white label to call your own.


End-to-end AI + IoT platform.

It's an easy-to-use tool kit full of functionality that enables you to consolidate and supercharge what you do best.


Solution delivery

We offer end-to-end project and long-term solution services, as well as 24/7/365 support - we'll help you as much as you want.


Masters of

We create AI + IoT mining solutions that can be built, tested, deployed and  optimized in days, not weeks, so that you can do more.


Flexible commercial models & pricing.

The flexibility of our models and pricing mean that we can work to find the right commercial model so it's a win:win.


Industrial data science & machine learning.

We identify truly unique insights based on our extensive experience in the mining sector that fuel our AI + IoT solutions to deliver success.


Sales & lead generation support.

We provide all of our partners with access to our sales and marketing resources, as well as run joint lead generation activities.


Integrate with

Our mining solutions can integrate with any data source, sensor or hardware, meaning it works with everything and anything you need.


White label +
own your IP.

Get control and design a solution that’s fully-white labelled to carry your brand so that it integrates seamlessly with your offering.

Find out more about the platform that powers our solutions:
the Dynamix real-time data and AI + IoT solution delivery platform.

Discover Dynamix

I4 Mining works with best-in-class partners to deliver our transformational digital mining solutions anywhere in the world.


Discover the technology that powers our solutions:
Rayven's world-leading AI + IoT platform.

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