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Quantify financial risk + explore cost-savings: sustainability is increasingly impacting the bottom-line, see just by how much.

Incorporate critical market data to generate more accurate production + ESG metrics, and explore future scenarios.

Supporting miners to track and report on these + other industry standards:


I4 Mining enables you to explore the financial impact of sustainability + project future scenarios so you can limit risk.

Sustainability, production, and other key mining metrics must factor in all costs to deliver an accurate view of bottom-line performance and future risk.

Miners must now complete TCFD reports and other similar financial disclosures in order to access capital. These frameworks not only require miners to accurately track ESG performance and disclose the strategies they are putting in place to mitigate the risk that climate change poses, but ensure that they are costing current and future production in line with not just typical ore values, but new ESG-related costs, such as carbon.

I4 Mining's sustainability solutions, (in particular ESG Live), enables miners to mix real-time market data with production, sustainability and other metrics to deliver a more accurate view of ESG + business performance and add 1-click sustainability framework reporting. Not only that, our solutions enables you to utilise predictive analytics, scenario models, and forecasts to accurately establish (and limit) current and future risk. Speak to us today to find out more.

Our solutions enable the mining sector to utilise market data to forecast and undertake scenario analysis so that you can plot your path to net-zero:

Incorporate live market data with key mining metrics to get a real-time, explorable view of performance + risk.

Get easy, one-click reporting against chosen sustainability frameworks and standards.

Utilise the risk + opportunities dashboard to see how risk can be mitigated and performance improved.

Explore emissions trees to see where GHGs come from at micro + macro levels. Create a decarbonisation pathway.

Use scenario analysis + predictive analytics to model future market conditions and plot a profitable path to 2050. 

Establish true production costs and their impact on sustainability performance.

Want to discuss your individual sustainability tracking + management requirements?
Speak to us today.


Integrate key market metrics with your sustainability and production data effortlessly, including:

  • Carbon price
  • Cost-per-tonne (end product / ore etc.)
  • Diesel costs
  • Electricity price (by source)
  • Electricity-related emissions
  • Emissions by location
  • Emissions by product
  • Emissions by source
  • Exchange Open Interest (EOI)
  • Fluoride emissions
  • Futures Market Open Interest (MOI)
  • Futures metals prices
  • Inventory velocity
  • LME Official Settlement Prices
  • Market Open Interest (MOI) 
  • Methane emissions
  • Monthly Average Settlement Prices (MASP) 
  • NOx emissions
  • Operational GHG emission intensity
  • Live metals prices
  • Particulate (PM2.5 & PM10) emissions
  • Production cost per unit
  • Production volumes
  • Scope 1 emissions
  • Scope 2 emissions
  • Scope 3: downstream emissions
  • Scope 3: upstream emissions
  • SOx emissions
  • TCFD status
  • Trading volumes
  • Total carbon tonnage
  • Warehouse stock movements

Single source of truth: ingest + integrate all ESG, market data, and more.

Our Sustainability Performance Platform (SPP), which our solutions are built on, can create a readily explorable home for market and all your sustainability + production data at every level:

Level 1 Data:

Manual entry forms on platform.

Level 2 Data:

Bespoke spreadsheet ingestion (FTP Ingestion).

Level 3 Data:

Integration from IT systems (frequency limited).

Level 4 Data:

Real-time OT, MT, PT systems + sensor data.


Start your digital sustainability journey then scale.

Adopting our sustainability solutions has distinct stages that map to your immediate and long-term needs depending on your current objectives and which needs to, incrementally, integrate with your wider business and its operations.

I4 Mining's solutions provide a guided pathway to formulate a strategy, measure and disclose performance, and achieve short and long-term ESG + SDG objectives.


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Discover more about I4 Mining, our solutions, and the technology that they're built upon.


Our fully-featured, future-proof sustainability solutions
deliver real business outcomes.


Reduce man hours
+ complexity.

Our sustainability solutions
diminish the need for manual
inputs and creates simple,
repeatable ways of delivering
accurate metrics, forecasts, and improved performance.


Limit reliance on
external contractors.

Our easy-to-use technology enables
you to create a personalised strategy,
monitor performance, and uncover
optimisations yourself. It also provides
suppliers with accurate metrics at the start
to deliver more efficient engagements.


Get cost saving insights +
new abilities to seize them.

Use explorable dashboards and reports to drill into and compare performance across sites, business areas, and assets; then use forecasts to model optimisations before leveraging automations to seize them, simply.


Turn reporting cycles
into real time metrics.

Annual reports with questionable data
cannot provide you with the insights
needed to improve your sustainability
metrics. Much like your ERP, CRM or
other business system; our
sustainability solutions can give you the data you need to succeed in real-time.


Uncover how emission costs impact production.

With a complete, accurate view of
ESG and SDG performance from
mine-to-market, our sustainability
solutions unite your sustainability
data with production measures,
enabling you to establish the true
production costs.


Future-proof, all-in-one
sustainability solution.

Crystallise and give transparency to your journey to 2050 and beyond by
using a solutions that have the
capabilities you need today, but which
will keep up with your compliance,
strategic and operational needs as they
change along the way.

I4 Mining works with best-in-class partners to deliver our
sustainability solutions anywhere in the world.


Discover the technology that underpins I4 Mining: Rayven's Industry 4.0 Sustainability Performance Platform.