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I4 Mining: create your sustainability strategies, get accurate real-time ESG metrics, and improve performance.


I4 Mining is a dedicated sustainability technology provider to the mining sector, designed to support it on its journey to 2050.


Utilising the world-leading Rayven Sustainability Performance Platform, we have created a range of ESG solutions that enable mining businesses to create and assess strategies, collect and ingest data to accurately report on performance, and enhance operations by delivering accurate real-time clarity, predictive insights, and optimisations.

Our ESG solutions enable miners to operationalise live, accurate data to give accurate metrics and report against sustainability frameworks and objectives, as well as providing easy-to-use interfaces that enable them to forecast and improve performance in the areas that impact outcomes - all in one place.

Our technology is user-focused and designed to ingrain sustainability into mining businesses without ever getting in the way of productivity and good business.

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Discover more about I4 Mining, our solutions and the technology that they're built upon.


I4 Mining’s mission: making sustainability real.

I4 Mining exists to give miners the technology needed to unite all their sustainability data, deliver accurate real-time metrics, and achieve both short
and long term ESG and business objectives without ever getting in the way productivity.

To achieve this, we have created a Sustainability Performance Platform (SPP) to create mining specific SaaS solutions that:

  • Enable miners to create a practical sustainability strategy and identify lead and lag measures of success
  • Collect the ESG and SDG data needed to deliver performance metrics (historical or real-time) with fewer man hours
  • Deliver one-click reporting against key sustainability frameworks and business objectives
  • Provide the ability to explore and drill into performance, forecasting and modelling the impact of operational changes against goals and scenarios
  • Generate accurate predictive insights to uncover where risks and operational improvements exist
  • Puts a complete, integrated toolkit - complete with machine learning, automation and custom business logic - at your fingertips to create new solutions that enable you to achieve individual business objectives that deliver ESG outcomes.

Our future-proofed sustainability solutions enable you to not just report on performance but make achieving your ESG + SDG objectives simple.

I4 Mining’s vision: incremental ESG fulfilment.

Growing sustainability obligations upon the mining sector are critical if we are to achieve global climate and ESG objectives, but they cannot be allowed to throttle the very organisations that we will all rely on to achieve energy transition, maintain water security, and safeguard biodiversity.

We believe that far from limiting business, a sustainability focus can provide miners with opportunities for growth and reduce risk by unlocking efficiencies, opening new revenue (and capital) streams, and increasing profitability.

Critical to succeeding with this new approach and achieving compliance with the ever-expanding range of sustainability standards is a novel next generation technology: a Sustainability Performance Platform (SPP). An end-to-end platform, SPPs form the basis for a wide array of ESG solutions that can decimate reporting complexity to deliver real-time performance metrics and demonstrable pathways to achieve sustainability targets, provide the Industry 4.0 capabilities needed to achieve operational outcomes, and which can be adopted incrementally to limit risk and ensure success during the journey to 2050.


I4 Mining = Industry 4.0 transformation.

I4 Mining offers sustainability solutions that excel at the 4 I's needed to deliver true, end-to-end digital transformation:


Our sustainability solutions can connect and securely exchange data with any machinery, system or technology in real-time. Endlessly flexible, it's capable of uniting all of your data to create a single source of truth.


Using our sustainability solutions you can easily create automations and seize operational optimisations, democratising the power of Industry 4.0 technology to deliver real-time, tangible performance improvements.


Our sustainability solutions process and unite your data, making it explorable anywhere, on any device so that you can deliver the insights needed to make better real-time and strategic decisions.


Our sustainability solutions come with pre-built machine learning abilities, meaning organisations further along the sustainability solution pathway, you can affect AI-led decisions.


Solving interoperability + legacy infrastructure challenges. The platform our ESG solutions need to deliver short and long-term success.

The linear production model of the mining sector, technologically, is anything but. Solutions that are designed for a single stage or to operate a specific asset can't improve overall functions or achieve strategic goals.

Our ESG solutions are different because they're built on Rayven's Sustainability Performance Platform (SPP). Capable of integrating your full technology stack, systems + plant; and support multiple solutions on a single SPP: it can integrate all your ESG data, provide real-time and predictive insights, and give you the capabilities you need to improve performance both in the boardroom and field.


Sustainability Performance Platform

Our sustainability solutions are built on the Rayven Sustainability Performance Platform which can connect with all technologies (Cloud or on-premise), allowing for data from anywhere to be collected, united, and analysed. This enables miners to monitor your ESG and SDG performance accurately, report on industry frameworks and business objectives in a single click, and easily leverage predictive analytics to forecast and improve ESG performance from mine-to-market.

Technology (PT)

The internal asset/plant software and hardware (e.g. IoT sensors) used to connect physical assets, orient them allowing for real-time monitoring and control.

Technology (IT)

Core central business systems, such as ERP, CRM, Business  Support and Infrastructure Management. Usually managed by the CIO.

Mining Technical
Solutions (MT)

Solutions involved in individual element of business and mine operations, such as modelling, planning, health & safety and management platforms. Often managed by TSM.

Technology (OT)

Systems and technologies involved in the execution and control of mining environments, such as in the plant and beneficiation processes (e.g. SCADA).

Explore our interactive diagram to see how we can help you with sustainability from mine-to-market using our Build Your Own solution:


Introducing: Rayven

Rayven is Industry 4.0 technology company, dedicated to providing industrial businesses with the technology platform, ready-to-deploy solutions, and end-to-end services needed to make sustainability real.

Rayven’s Sustainability Performance Platform underpins all of ESG and SDG solutions. It enables us an our partners to create and deploy purpose-built Industry 4.0 sustainability solutions rapidly, offering the unique ability to combine IoT data (real-time, physical-world data), system data, and machine learning models to provide businesses with a real-time consolidated view of what’s happening - and what’s about to happen - across their entire business.

Rayven digitally transform organization’s, enabling them to benefit from real-time data and predictive insights so that they can achieve meaningful business and sustainability outcomes.

Rayven - Technology Architecture

Solving industry-wide problems with best-in-class partners.

No business can do everything and if they could they would not be the best at anything.

With so many moving parts involved in a complete deployment, from machinery and hardware through to networking and IT infrastructure, we collaborate with best-in-class technology partners across the world to help solve the manufacturing sector's problems together.

Through coupling Rayven's Sustainability Performance Platform and mining expertise with leading hardware, telco and other technologies; we can offer complete Industry 4.0 transformation anywhere in the world and at a pace that suits your business.

Our fully-featured, future-proof sustainability solutions
deliver real business outcomes.


Reduce man hours
+ complexity.

Our sustainability solutions
diminish the need for manual
inputs and creates simple,
repeatable ways of delivering
accurate metrics, forecasts, and
improved performance.


Limit reliance on
external contractors.

Our easy-to-use technology enables
you to create a personalised strategy,
monitor performance, and uncover
optimisations yourself. It also provides
suppliers with accurate metrics at the start
to deliver more efficient engagements.


Get cost saving insights +
new abilities to seize them.

Use explorable dashboards and reports
to drill into and compare performance
across sites, business areas, and assets; then use forecasts to model optimisations before leveraging automations to seize them, simply.


Turn reporting cycles
into real time metrics.

Annual reports with questionable data
cannot provide you with the insights
needed to improve your sustainability
metrics. Much like your ERP, CRM or
other business system; our
sustainability solutions can give you the
data you need to succeed in real-time.


Uncover how emission costs
impact production.

With a complete, accurate view of
ESG and SDG performance from
mine-to-market, our sustainability
solutions unite your sustainability
data with production measures,
enabling you to establish the true
production costs.


Future-proof, all-in-one
sustainability solution.

Crystallise and give transparency to your
journey to 2050 and beyond by
using a solutions that have the
capabilities you need today, but which
will keep up with your compliance,
strategic and operational needs as they
change along the way.

Discover the technology that underpins I4 Mining: Rayven's Industry 4.0 Sustainability Performance Platform.