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How the Mining Sector can Achieve Zero Harm with Industry 4.0 Technology.


How insights, interoperability, instruction and intelligence will enable miners to achieve zero harm - plus reach Industry 4.0 status in the process.


Industry 4.0 technologies present the mining sector - arguably for the very first time - with the opportunity to actually reach zero harm; an objective that most of the world’s largest miners have committed to strive for.

In the report we've explored the relationship between Industry 4.0 technology and zero harm, the different applications of Industry 4.0 technology in Health & Safety (not a run-down of technology, but the use cases), and where (and how) to get started.

Introduction: Down to Zero.

The relationship between Industry 4.0 technology and zero harm.
The path to zero harm, Industry 4.0, and the need for extreme interoperability.
Why Industry 4.0 is about AI and IoT.

Health & Safety Industry 4.0 applications in mining.
Enhanced plant and equipment performance.
Real-time employee, environment, asset & operations monitoring.
Holistic operational analysis.
Added advantage.

Where to from here and implementation.

Just some of what's inside...

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