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Industry 4.0 Mining Insights: Improve Plant Performance, Maintenance, Safety + Utilization.

Scroll down to access free resources and discover how Industry 4.0 technology can enable you to improve total effective equipment performance, efficiency, maintenance, and utilization - in real-time.


Industry 4.0 technology enables the mining sector to implement real-time plant monitoring, enhance performance + safety, and add all-new predictive abilities.

Across many industries the utilization, efficiency and the lifespan of plant, machinery and equipment are critical measures which predicate productivity and profitability.

With vast fleets containing multiple asset classes spread over remote sites; the mining sector has a harder time than most when it comes to getting accurate real-time performance, maintenance, and utilization metrics of their machinery.

Not only this, the plant that the mining sector utilizes is often much more hazardous. Improper usage, catastrophic failures and a myriad of other potential causes make adverse interactions with it one of the leading contributors to injuries, fatalities and environmental harm.

Managing this is challenge enough, but we're now in a world of zero harm, zero carbon and zero waste; all of which are now strategic as well as operational imperatives for the mining sector that dramatically impacts its plant.

Miners need to do something new if they're to become carbon neutral, prove ESG credentials, as well as protect workers and maintain profits; and the ascent to 2050 dictates that companies need to take affirmative, extensive action with their plant now rather than relying on OEMs and hardware manufacturers to innovate in order to get them there.

Pivotal in achieving these strategic and operational goals will be the application of novel plant solutions that allow those in the boardroom and in the field to utilize Industry 4.0 technology, effortlessly. These technologies exist today and allow the mining sector to uncover all-new data-based insights hidden in large real-time data sets and then seize them before they are lost by leveraging the combined power of data, AI + IoT in a single platform.

Whilst challenging, there are huge advantages to be had with predictive analyses that can do much more than achieve the zero goals but deliver all-new ways of working and find efficiencies that increase profitability, utilization and much more. Read on to discover how Industry 4.0 can transform how you use your plant today.


Data, AI + IoT solutions enable you to effortlessly track these plant & any other metrics in real-time:

  • Asset location
  • Asset value
  • Average bucket weight
  • Average dump time
  • Average fuel use per machine
  • Average loading time
  • Average number of dumps 
  • Average number of loads
  • Average payload
  • Average swing time
  • Battery status
  • Braking
  • Breakdown rate
  • CANbus truck performance data
  • Conveyor speed
  • Coolant temperature
  • Cycle distance
  • Cycle duration
  • Driver Safety Score
  • Elevation
  • Emissions (CO2 / particulates)
  • Empty stop time
  • Empty travel distance / time
  • Engine fuel rate
  • Engine load and speed
  • Equipment failures rate
  • Exhaust after-treatment
  • Exhaust temperature
  • Flitch
  • Fuel/energy consumption
  • Hydraulics
  • KPI status
  • Load Tyre Assessment
  • Loaded travel distance / time
  • Location
  • Maintenance duration
  • Maintenance man hours (MMH)
  • Maintenance ratio (MR)
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Mean downtime (MDT)
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Mean time between shutdowns (MTBS)
  • Mean time to restore (MTTR)
  • Nominal Payload Capacity
  • Operating / Idle time
  • Operator performance
  • Payload
  • Percent scheduled downtime
  • Power
  • Pressures
  • Safety score
  • Slope angle
  • Speed
  • Temperatures
  • Throttle
  • Time to failure
  • Tonnage per truck cycle
  • Tons per hour
  • Tons per load
  • Torque
  • Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP)
  • Total minutes lost per shift due to breakdowns
  • Truck door status
  • Uptime percentage
  • Utilization

Industry 4.0 technology will enhance plant performance + help you to achieve your key objectives:

Improve the performance of your assets, fleet + operations.

Get real-time plant monitoring + predictive analytics to prevent failures and incidents.

Reduce unexpected & scheduled downtime + implement predictive maintenance.

Lower running costs + improve downtime scheduling.

Uncover and seize efficiencies +
maximize asset utilization.

Get single-click reporting for compliance, personnel, performance - anything.

Tell us the plant metrics you need and we'll tell you how we can get them to you, anywhere + anytime.

Free Insights: discover how data, AI + IoT technology can enable you to easily improve plant performance, maintenance, safety, efficiency and much more; fast & affordably.

Report | How Industry 4.0 Technology will Transform Plant, Machinery & Equipment.

A report examining the need for, use cases and benefits of utilizing Industry 4.0 AI + IoT technology with plant in the mining sector.

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I4 Mining - Plant eBook - 400

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I4 Mining can give you the metrics you need and all-new abilities to improve them - including the power to predict + change the future.

Providing real-time, accurate insights coupled with advanced management, automation and AI functionality; our Dynamix data, AI + IoT platform and solutions enable you to get the complete picture and track and improve total effective equipment performance, key maintenance metrics, and increase utilization, uptime and productivity.

Discover what I4 Mining can enable you to achieve - speak to us today.


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