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Safety Control: Improving safety, ESG + oversight in real-time.

Safety Control is an easy-to-use solution that enables you to improve onsite ESG + safety by mitigating evolving risks in real-time.


Improve onsite safety + ESG performance by making it simple to monitor, manage, and intervene with controls in real-time from anywhere.

Safety Control is an easy-to-use solution that enables you to improve onsite ESG + safety, mitigating evolving risks in real-time.

Delivering ‘Continuous Verification of Controls’ (CVC), Safety Control provides early detection of risk and safety control failures, whilst providing continuous validation of the operational status of all active controls in real-time.

Prevent environmental + personnel incidents.

Get real-time oversight + alerts of evolving risks.

Speed-up maintenance + increase uptime.

Develop a complete, accurate view of safety performance.

Use Safety Control's different modules to get the view + capabilities you need.

The Safety Control solution is designed to support you along your full digital sustainability journey, with configurations and capabilities that are guaranteed to fit your business’ needs.

Use the modules and functionality that you need right now, and then broaden your usage later to deliver transformational improvement across sites and your entire organisation.

Improve onsite safety + ESG from anywhere: all the features you need.

Real-time interactive dashboards + reports.

See what’s happening in the field in real-time and drill into detail at the individual machine and operator levels. Explore historical data and trends to identify problem controls and mitigate future safety + ESG risks.

Alerts + automatic switch-offs.

Set-up real-time alerts that make those in the field and / or control room aware of immediate risks or problems. Enable automated switch-off of machinery or additional staff guidance after alarm trigger to prevent harm.

Set thresholds + custom logic.

Safety Control enables you to set custom thresholds and logic where needed for ‘validated’ and ‘failed’ states. Use to customise your solution and tailor to plant, environments and processes at individual sites.

Control failure deep-dive.

The Safety Control solution provides machine operators and other teams with detailed information as to why failures have occurred, enabling maintenance teams to rapidly fix issues and increase uptime.

Create escalation pathways.

Safety Control enables you to build new, optimised digital escalation pathways. Not only does this speed-up processes, but it ensures via alert acknowledgement and logging that near-misses never go unrecorded.

Manage controls by grouping.

Our solution enables you to manage controls and machinery across sites remotely, allowing anyone to easily apply optimal control settings by owner, category, or site; and makes safety + ESG optimisation fast.

In-built security + Disaster Recovery.

Security is at the heart of the solution; it is able to self-mitigate cyber security risks, keep data secure at all points, and provide easy DR. Its security architecture and capabilities limits attack surface and reduces risk.

Integrate any controls, limitlessly.

Safety Control can connect to any data source or system, ensuring all your controls can be monitored, including: environmental factors, sensors, production metrics, asset condition, transport, and more.

Safety Control can be used to track these safety, ESG + any other metric in real-time:

  • Accident frequency rate
  • All injury frequency rate
  • CO level in-field
  • CO2 TAW
  • Catastrophic failure
  • Critical asset maintenance status
  • Corrective action completion rate
  • COVID status
  • Dam status
  • DART safety
  • Equipment breakdowns
  • Environmental alerts
  • Fatality frequency rate
  • Ground vibration (mm/sec)
  • Incident rate
  • Inspections & audits completed
  • Lost time incident frequency rate
  • Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)
  • Medical treatment injury rate (MTI)
  • Near miss frequency rate (NMFR)
  • Noise level (dB)
  • NOx levels
  • Occupational illness cases (new / existing)
  • OHS status
  • Operator reaction times
  • Particulate (PM2.5 & PM10) levels
  • Safety walk status
  • Tailings status
  • Temperature
  • Total case incident rate (TCIR)
  • Total recordable incident rate (TRIR)
  • Total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR)
  • Training per employee
  • Water condition
  • Water level (mm)
  • Weather alerts

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Safety Control

Safety Control enables you to ingest, integrate, and interpret all your safety + ESG data from anywhere to give you the full picture:

Monitor your assets, analyse risk + performance, and improve ESG and safety. Learn how.
Understand land, flora + fauna data to better track changes and improvements. Find out.
Model and understand carbon pricing to determine true cost of production. See why.
Accurately track carbon, methane, or any other emission + relate them to costs. Discover.
Trace energy usage, generation, origin,
and pricing
. Discover how.
Get real-time environmental metrics, anywhere at any time. Discover more.
Import critical market data to deliver the true, accurate picture of performance. See more.
Incorporate your production data to take your ESG analytics a level deeper. Read on.
Monitor the usage of key inputs to unlock new ESG + performance metrics. Learn more.
Track safety performance, identify risks, and prevent harm. Do more with safety data.
Monitor your sourcing, usage, recycling + water grades, as well as overall efficiency. Read more.
Our sustainability solutions can include any data you need from anywhere - just ask. See how.

All the help you need to get started + grow, included*.

Strategy Build.

Get support to align your safety strategy with optimised processes via the solution.

Risk Mapping.

Understand where your business’ new safety risks are +identify real-time data points.


Get assistance with deploying Safety Control onsite and with integrations.

Data Science.

We will assist you with ingesting, cleaning and uniting your data.

Data Integrity.

Help to set up logic that will ensure that the data entering your solution is accurate.


We can provide you with the guidance required to scale Safety Control to do more.


We will conduct training with your team and users to rapidly upskill them.

24/7 Support.

Should anything go wrong, our team is there to assist you 365 days a year.

* Each deployment comes with a set number of service hours included as-standard designed to get you up and running. Should additional time be required due to complexity or project scope, then this will come at extra cost and will be outlined in any proposal prior to purchase.

Start your digital sustainability journey then scale.

Adopting Safety Control and our other sustainability solutions has distinct stages that map to your immediate and long-term needs depending on your current objectives and which needs to, incrementally, integrate with your wider business and its operations.

I4 Mining's solutions provide a guided pathway to formulate a strategy, measure and disclose performance, and achieve short and long-term ESG + SDG objectives.


Our fully-featured, future-proof sustainability solutions
deliver real business outcomes.


Reduce man hours
+ complexity.

Our sustainability solutions
diminish the need for manual
inputs and creates simple,
repeatable ways of delivering
accurate metrics, forecasts, and
improved performance.


Limit reliance on
external contractors.

Our easy-to-use technology enables
you to create a personalised strategy,
monitor performance, and uncover
optimisations yourself. It also provides
suppliers with accurate metrics at the start
to deliver more efficient engagements.


Get cost saving insights +
new abilities to seize them.

Use explorable dashboards and reports
to drill into and compare performance
across sites, business areas, and assets; then use forecasts to model optimisations before leveraging automations to seize them, simply.


Turn reporting cycles
into real time metrics.

Annual reports with questionable data
cannot provide you with the insights
needed to improve your sustainability
metrics. Much like your ERP, CRM or
other business system; our
sustainability solutions can give you the
data you need to succeed in real-time.


Uncover how emission costs
impact production.

With a complete, accurate view of
ESG and SDG performance from
mine-to-market, our sustainability
solutions unite your sustainability
data with production measures,
enabling you to establish the true
production costs.


Future-proof, all-in-one
sustainability solution.

Crystallise and give transparency to your
journey to 2050 and beyond by
using a solutions that have the
capabilities you need today, but which
will keep up with your compliance,
strategic and operational needs as they
change along the way.

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