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Digital Mining Solution

Get an accurate single source of truth + apply Industry 4.0 capabilities from mine-to-market to reduce risk & solve compliance challenges.

Enabling you to make + execute the decisions that will guarantee strategic & operational success from mine-to-market.

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I4 Mining’s Oversight digital mining solution improves real-time strategic decision-making, enhances risk assessment and reduces the reporting burden - from mine-to-market.

The solution provides you with the single source of truth for your entire operations, offering advanced real-time adaptive and predictive analytics that you can manipulate, drilldown into and explore. Capable of connecting with every one of your systems and IoT-enabled devices, Oversight gives you a single pane of glass through which you can interpret large data sets and then utilize inbuilt, easy-to-use AI technology to manipulate them to ensure accuracy, provide insights and uncover optimizations.

I4 Mining’s Oversight provides your management teams with real-time, 24/7 transparency and auditability of your regulatory compliance requirements and strategic goals; all whilst providing you with a platform that enables you to make better decisions and execute them.

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Key business objectives met by I4 Mining's Oversight digital mining solution:

Get a real-time single source of truth + advanced analytics from mine-to-market.

Deliver zero harm to workforce + environment objectives.

Conduct enhanced risk assessments using complete, accurate data.

Improve uptime + production to increase tonnage.

Model process & equipment optimizations - digital twin.

Design custom workflows + leverage automated, AI-led decision-making.

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Effortlessly track these + any other metrics in real-time:

  • All-in costs-per-unit (AIC)
  • All injury frequency rate
  • All-in sustaining cost-per-unit (AISC)
  • Average payload
  • Average realised price
  • Average cost per hour of X
  • Benchmark average price
  • By-product credit
  • Capital expenditure
  • Cash cost
  • Cash operating costs per barrel of oil equivalent (BOE)
  • Cash operating costs per unit produced
  • Cash-to-cash time (C2C)
  • Change time (time between cycles)
  • Churn
  • Closure budget status
  • CO2/NOx/PM10/PM2.5/Fluoride emissions
  • Compliance
  • Consolidated sales revenues
  • Cost of goods sold
  • COVID status
  • Delivery in Full (DIF)
  • Delivery in Full on Time (DIFOT)
  • Delivery on Time (DOT)
  • Due diligence status
  • Efficiency score
  • Employee hiring rate
  • Employee turnover rate
  • Energy usage / mix
  • Environmental score
  • Exploration costs
  • Fatality frequency rate
  • Finding and development costs
  • Fines and prosecutions (US$)
  • Freight Bill Accuracy
  • Grade percentage
  • Gross product sales
  • Inventory status / levels
  • Inventory turnover / velocity
  • Inventory to sales ratio
  • JORC balance
  • KPI status
  • Land footprint - disturbed
  • Land footprint - regenerated
  • Lifespan estimate
  • Lifting costs
  • Logistics costs
  • Net cash generated
  • Net debt
  • Occupational illness cases (new / existing)
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • OHS status
  • Operational efficiency
  • Payables to government status
  • Perfect Order Index
  • Production cost per-tonne
  • Production volume
  • Profit / loss
  • Profitability
  • Safety score
  • Sales revenue
  • Sales volume
  • Scope 1 emissions (tCo2e)
  • Scope 2 emissions (tCo2e)
  • Scope 3 emissions (tCo2e)
  • SDG status
  • Significant environmental incident rate
  • Supply chain costs
  • Sustainable Mining Indices
  • TCFD status
  • TOE Footprint
  • Total Effective Equipment Performance
  • Total lifecycle energy
  • Unit variable costs
  • Utilization
  • Volume sold
  • Warehousing costs
  • Women in workforce
  • Work order completion

I4 Mining's Oversight digital mining solution features:

Real-time adaptive dashboards
& interactive reporting 

The I4 Mining Oversight solution provides you with a single place to monitor, manage and explore your operations and strategic goals in real-time - a complete, accurate single source of truth. Using your real-time data and 3rd party sources, the solution can provide you with a comprehensive macro and micro view of your business, with the ability to drill-down and up depending on your needs.


Integration &

The Oversight solution is highly-flexible and interoperable so that you can unite and leverage any data, both real-time and historical. The solution is capable of connecting to all of your systems, asset telemetry or in-field IoT sensors; integrate 3rd party feeds; and interpret any data format to create a comprehensive single source of truth for your business to base business decisions upon - whether by human or AI. It's a complete, omnidirectional platform that can be the foundation for true Industry 4.0 transformation. 

World-leading combined
AI + IoT engine

The I4 Mining Oversight solution is built using Rayven's world-leading combined AI + IoT platform. Featuring drag-and-drop, simple-to-use configuration and optimization interfaces, it doesn't require IT expertise to explore your data and engineer AI-led decision-making and automated control workflows. Packed with functionality out-of-the-box, the Rayven platform is Industry 4.0-ready and capable of being your vehicle to complete digital transformation.


Data manipulation, cleansing
& analysis in-built

Data accuracy is critical in both strategic and operation decision-making. I4 Mining's Oversight solution features inbuilt machine learning functionality that is can ensure data integrity and quality to 99.99% accuracy, in real-time. Once configured and trained, you'll be able to manipulate and interpret 'Big Data' to find unique insights hidden in the data and make better operational and strategic decisions.

Real-time alerts & AI-led
automated interventions

The I4 Mining Oversight solution offers you the ability to create custom business logic, set thresholds and design if this then that (IFTTT) workflows that provide you with alerts or trigger immediate, automated AI-led actions. These can be used to to prevent compliance breaches, machinery failures or to improve performance in real-time. What's more, over time, machine learning algorithms will learn from past results, giving you self-optimizing processes and operations.


Simplified compliance
monitoring & reporting

The need to meet regulatory thresholds and report on compliance is an often burdensome one for many organizations. I4 Mining's Oversight solution can automate reporting and alert you to problems within your operations before they breach thresholds and cause harm to personnel or the environment; adopting it is a simple and easy way for mining operations to achieve their strategic zero-harm goals in the process.

Enterprise security

The I4 Mining Oversight solution was built with security top-of-mind. With enterprise-level security features, integrated DR, as well as proprietary and 3rd party security tools factored into the battle-tested security architecture; your data will remain safe and confidential at all points of your IoT environment.


Need help creating, optimizing or scaling your solution?
We've got option to help you achieve your business objectives rapidly.

Rayven Accelerated Delivery Model (RADM)

Jump start your scoping + design phases by using our Rayven Accelerated Delivery Model (RADM) to get you started, fast. Not a big consulting project that ends with a report, the RADM is about working with our team so that you can quickly identify potential, discover what needs to be done, and establish the budget required - all in just 4 weeks.

Service Packs

Our Service Packs include a bundled number of hours at a discount that can be used to support your teams with achieving your objectives spread across the calendar. They can be used for any of our services, last for 12 months, and can be configured to meet your individual needs.

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Why our customers choose I4 Mining:


Built for the
Mining industry.

I4 Mining is a transformative technology built by people with hands-on industry experience - it's made to not just fit, but work brilliantly.


IT-less design.

The I4 Mining platform features drag-and-drop configuration and simple to use interfaces; it's designed to be used by anyone and needs no coding.


Super fast-to-

I4 Mining's solutions can be configured and deployed in days. Start with 80% of the solution & hyper-customize the 20% that matters.


Enterprise-scalability, but affordable.

I4 Mining's solutions are designed to be affordable. They enable you to get started, quickly adjust, iterate and grow - proving ROI at every stage.


(at all points).

I4 Mining's solutions are built on the Rayven platform which's proprietary security architecture ensures data is secure at all points.


Around the clock

On top of 24/7 support, I4 Mining's technical and data science team are available to support you (or your customers), end-to-end.


Integrates with anything, to give a true source of truth.

I4 Mining's solutions are limitlessly flexible & capable of integrating with systems, machinery, platforms - anything you need it to (as-standard).


Everything you need to become Industry 4.0.

Each of I4 Mining's solutions feature Rayven's world-leading combined AI + IoT platform, making it capable of delivering complete transformation.


I4 Mining works with best-in-class partners to deliver our transformational digital mining solutions anywhere in the world.

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