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Hybrid Architecture.

Dynamix can be deployed however + wherever you need it to be, and be scaled at-will.

Get Industry 4.0 abilities no matter your architecture.

Dynamix complements your existing infrastructure, it doesn’t compete with it, increasing the return + time-to-value of your current technology investments and IT strategies.

With ready-to-go-connectors to all major cloud providers, ERP, data lakes, IoT sensors and other systems; Dynamix simply slots into your architecture to provide you with an easy-to-use, pre-built toolkit for rapidly creating your own integrated real-time data, IoT + AI solutions as well as giving you a way to quickly turn your on-premise architecture to a hybrid one with Edge capabilities - all at a fraction of the cost of building your own.

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The I4 Mining Dynamix platform fits your infrastructure seamlessly:

Dynamix can be deployed on your existing infrastructure or we can host it in our private cloud.

Dynamix boasts 100% interoperability with ready-to-go connectors for all major providers.

Dynamix enables Hybrid Edge and On-Premise Edge deployments to support rapid Edge data processing.

Dynamix enables you to make your existing infrastructure hybrid without changing what you have.

Dynamix can connect to an infinite number of devices and systems so you can scale to fit your needs at-will.

Manage your Dynamix platform from anywhere + effortlessly configure, update and onboard new devices.

Dynamix’s Enterprise Hybrid Architecture.

Dynamix can be deployed on your existing infrastructure, in the Rayven private Cloud, or on-premise. We also offer Edge capabilities to enable you to react faster to what's happening in the field.

With enterprise security built-in, Dynamix can be easily configured, deployed and maintained without an IT team’s involvement: Dynamix puts you in total control and is guaranteed to fit your existing infrastructure and IT approach, seamlessly. 

I4 ISA95-1600
Find out how Dynamix supports the Edge

Thinking of building your own platform? This is why you shouldn't.

1) It will cost you significantly more in both time + money.
Dynamix is all-in-one and ready-to-go. Building your own end-to-end platform will take multiple licenses and 6+ months to get to concept stage, plus incur ongoing support, dev and maintenance costs - it’ll cost you more in a year than a decade of Dynamix.

4) You’ll add complexity + future points of failure.
AWS, Azure and alike are modular systems. To create a complete real-time IoT + AI solution requires you to link them together, but even then, each will continue to operate independently and process data separately - Dynamix is all-in-one.

2) You’ll solve the tech challenge, not the Data Science one.
Clean, reliable, real-time data is critical to delivering results. This is why creating a real-time single source of truth with extreme interoperability and an expert understanding of Machine Learning is just as critical as building data lakes and historians.

5) What you build won’t be future-proofed.
The Dynamix platform is future-proofed SaaS. From new security threats, third party updates and new pieces of technology that are yet to be adopted, the Dynamix platform is guaranteed to be maintained, updated and interoperable with them.

3) You don’t have the internal skills required.
It takes a team of experts in IT Infrastructure, Data Science, IoT, UX, Security, Machine Learning and AI working together to create an end-to-end solution, this is incredibly expensive to do in-house and even more so if done externally.

6) The results won’t be anywhere near as good.
You wouldn’t build an internal CRM or ERP platform - you'd buy Salesforce, SAP or similar. The reasons for this are obvious: years of expert development have gone into it and whatever you build won’t be as good or have longevity - this is no different.

Need help creating, optimizing or scaling your solution?
We've got option to help you achieve your business objectives rapidly.

Rayven Accelerated Delivery Model (RADM)

Jump start your scoping + design phases by using our Rayven Accelerated Delivery Model (RADM) to get you started, fast. Not a big consulting project that ends with a report, the RADM is about working with our team so that you can quickly identify potential, discover what needs to be done, and establish the budget required - all in just 4 weeks.

Service Packs

Our Service Packs include a bundled number of hours at a discount that can be used to support your teams with achieving your objectives spread across the calendar. They can be used for any of our services, last for 12 months, and can be configured to meet your individual needs.

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Self-service real-time dashboards, reports + analytics
Create + Automate: drag-and-drop Workflow Modeller
Easy-to-use Machine Learning + Predictive Analytics
Edge Compute: everything you need, where you need it
Easy Device Management from anywhere, at-scale by anyone
Deploy anywhere + scale infinitely with Hybrid Architecture
100% interoperable: integrate anything + everything fast & simply
End-to-end enterprise security in-built + as-standard

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